Curiosity Killed The Cat, But Not The Rat

Curiosity killed the cat. This was the first thing in my mind while watching the movie “The Croods”. It was a movie about a girl named Epe who was overly protected by her father. His father has two rules. First is to stay inside the cave. Second is to follow the first rule. Grunt (Epe’s father) has a point. It is survival and they need to stay alive. But Epe chose not only to stay a live but to live the life. By how? By taking risks. We know taking a risk is a gamble. We have no assurance that it we have enough luck to get through it. But if we think this risk could lead to a change, why not give a try? At the end of the day, at least we tried something to resolve a problem, a misery or to make someone happy. It is not having a long life that makes a person happy. Instead, having a meaningful life and regretting none would not make the person happy but also the ones who he or she have left. To end this little article, I would like to quote from a song by Kris Allen, “We only got 26,400 seconds in a day… we got to live like we’re dying. Good Morning.

-juan makata, April 16, 2013; 7:25 am

3 thoughts on “Curiosity Killed The Cat, But Not The Rat

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