Worth the Vote

Election. It has been a long day for everyone for candidates, voters and especially, non-voters. Some Filipinos, despite having the technology for faster access on polls, chose to abstain and not to vote. Their reason, “Wala naman kasing maayos na iboto eh.” Personally, as a non-voter, I really agree on this. The question is not “Who to vote?” but “Is there someone worth voting.”

The blame is not on the voters. The candidates  should prove themselves worthy. Then you might ask, what is a worthy candidate? I, too cannot answer that question straight. It is a tedious process to eliminate the categories of a worthy candidate. I have no reason to judge these candidates but there is one thing I would like to point out, “Are you sincere?”

Sincerity cannot be spoken of words, of promises or even materialistic things. Sincerity connects with the conscience. It might sound very abstract but I believe that our conscience can see through the masks of the candidates and see their true color. The saying “Vote through your conscience” is already a cliche for everyone. But, I think it would still be the best advice I can give to everyone.

So going back, “Wala naman kasing maayos na iboto eh”. If this is what the non-voters got from their conscience, then I guess our candidates are  not sincere enough

Wrong grammar? Feel free to edit/ comment. Grammar Nazis are welcome 🙂

——–Juan Makata 10:22 , May 13, 2013


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