Melting The Zombie Inside You

Have you guys watched “Warm Bodies” ? If not, let me just give you a summary of it.

It is about a zombie who eventually fell in love with a human girl who exterminates zombies. It seems that the heart of this zombie started to beat again when she fell in love to the girl. I know it is impossible to happen in real life but there is one thing that the story tells me and I am so bothered that I was even inspired to blog it here.

But before that, how do you become a “zombie” in real life? We all know that zombies do not exist in real life but, you can be one in some ways.

We all know that zombies are heartless and cold creatures. They were the once loving humans who enjoys their happy lives. They did not chose to be infected, but it is destiny I guess.

But you are not a zombie. So why become heartless and cold to other people?

I know that this may not apply for everyone reading it, but as a devout Catholic, I believe that we humans are created to love. Just like what our Christian Life teacher taught us in High School, “we are relational beings”. We communicate and we relate to other people. We talk  and we interact with other people. We don’t say “grruuuntt”  or “husss” to other people. We are not zombie after all. I know it might sound Utopian to have society like this, but don’t you think nothing is wrong in giving it a try? I mean, it helps you to feel better  than bitter. But the question is, how do you start it?

One word, Acceptance.

In the movie, I think that the corpses ( that is how they call the zombies ) are not the real zombies. I believe that the real “zombies” are the humans who do not accept the potential of these corpses to be alive again, to be a human again. Their lack of acceptance to other people makes them “the real monsters” in the movie.

Now going back to reality, have we ever sometimes became a zombie to other people? I myself became infected by this contagious disease of being cold and heartless to other people. But still, I struggle a lot to go out of my box and be a relational being. You, as a reader of this blog, have you sometimes ignored someone when he or she greets you, hello, hi or good morning? Or maybe became insensitive to the feelings of other people. And right this morning, I wish that you reflect and let your heart melt. Let it flow to your body and be mindful that you live in a world of humans, not zombies.

Good Morning! 🙂


—————— Juan Makata 9:09 am, May 21, 2013





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